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Vox Terra Project



Samaipata, Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia




The Earth is a complex organism in which we, the human being, are only a tissue, a part of an organ, just as ecosystems and other life forms are part of different organs of this living being called Earth.


This awareness is inspiring. I want to share this work of art with everyone, a profound message that was born from Earth’s own voice. A song of love for life and nature, also a call to union. Their metaphors are a clue to humanity’s healing and survival in this climate change phenomenon that is so close to its tipping point.


This work of art led me to write the Voice of the Earth project, which has three courses of action: inspire faith, care for the air and water cycle at the local level, and strengthen solidarity and purpose at the global level.


It motivates me to know that you are allies. We have the same concerns and we act with art to inspire. This project that I imagine has to do with unity and inspiration.