Stand with Arts and Nature!

We invite artists, musicians and creatives from around the world to join in a call for a world where humanity can again live in harmony with Nature.

"Beethoven am Bach" by Franz Hegi (© Beethoven-Haus Bonn)
"Beethoven am Bach" by Franz Hegi (© Beethoven-Haus Bonn)

Beethoven loved Nature

Ludwig van Beethoven cared a lot about nature. The Beethoven Pastoral Project, an initiative by the UN Climate Change and BTHVN2020, is dedicated to promoting action on climate change and the environment in this 250th anniversary year of Beethoven’s birth.

The Declaration was formally launched on 5 June 2020, which is the UN World Environment Day. It will be presented to the world’s governments, through Mr. Antonio Guterres, Secretary-General of the United Nations, later this year.

Stand with Arts and Nature!

Declaration by Artists, Musicians and Creatives

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Artists Declaration

We, musicians, artists and creatives of planet Earth, offer our artistic and musical creativity, and our own actions, as signs of our determination to be part of the solutions to current planetary challenges. We want to inspire and be part of that change. We stand with humanity and with Nature.

This year we are celebrating the 250th birthday of Ludwig van Beethoven – a universal thinker with an enduring legacy. He aspired to the Age of Enlightenment as well as to the divine perfection of Nature and composed some of his most radical works in a state of deafness and isolation. His Pastoral Symphony is the first musical work ever dealing with the feelings of a person in Nature. Today more than ever Beethoven’s work encourages us to believe in the limitlessness of human creativity, in progress informed by science, and in a peaceful collective “we”. Just as his visions of humanity and a life in harmony with Nature inspire us, so too can our art and music inspire human progress and creativity in these difficult times.

As artists and musicians, we are deeply concerned that humanity is facing the greatest challenge in its history – the challenge of the global climate crisis – and that the current global response to this crisis is manifestly inadequate. Our experiences in the on-going COVID-19 pandemic only reinforce the consciousness of our planetary interdependence.

We trust the voices of science, which are clear and unambiguous. Denial of scientific findings is dangerous, as the COVID-19 pandemic has proven to us. We must either act coherently or risk losing everything. Action at all levels must be accelerated urgently to deal with the climate crisis, and the related problems of biodiversity loss and land degradation.

We are convinced that living in harmony with Nature is not only possible, but that it offers the prospect of a better life for everyone. Recent experience affirms that what once seemed impossible is indeed realizable. We have faith that the creativity of the human spirit and enterprise, which are already delivering the solutions the world needs, can rise to new heights and bring about the transformation that will safeguard our planetary home.

We, artists, musicians and creatives of planet Earth, stand behind those political leaders and governments at all levels, behind businesses, civil society and individuals who are working for a more sustainable development path.  But much more needs to be done.  We call upon all decision-makers to face their responsibility and meet this historical tipping point. Embrace this chance for a change NOW so that as we re-emerge from isolation we devise new ways of life to sustain current and future generations.

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Stand with Arts and Nature:

If you're an artist or creative sign the Declaration, and encourage others to do so!


Patti Smith
Writer, Performer, Musician

"Beethoven has given a body of work reverberating the spectrum human emotions, ideals and visionary possibilities. A body of work that will eternally inspire."


Muhammad Yunus
Nobel Peace Prize Laureate

"This is the most opportune moment to reflect on WHAT we have been doing all these years, HOW we have been doing them, WHY we were doing them? Can these be done differently? WHAT is really our destination? Have you defined a destination for us at all?"


Marin Alsop

"This is a critical moment for all of us to embrace Beethoven's philosophy and 'change the tone' to a united, compassionate, responsible, and respectful attitude towards our environment. If not now, when?"

Launch Signatories

Adam Fischer, Orchestra Conductor | Alexander Melnikov, Pianist | Andreas Staier, Musician | Anita Lasker Wallfisch, Musician | Barbara Hendricks, Musician | Craig Urquhart, Composer/Pianist/Consultant | Daniel Sepec, Violinist, Concertmaster, Professor | Daniel Sepec, Violinist | Diana Damrau, Opera Singer | Dirk Kaftan, Chief Conductor Beethoven Orchestra Bonn | Dr. Eckart von Hirschhausen, Stiftung Gesunde Erde-Gesunde Menschen | Fazıl Say, Pianist, Composer | Gábor Boldoczki, Trumpeter | Igor Levit, Pianist | Isabelle Faust, Violinist | Iveta Apkalna, Organist | Jan Caeyers, Conductor and Beethoven biographer | Jan Mueller-Wieland, Composer | Jan Vogler, Cellist | Judith Weir, Composer | Juliet Fraser, Musician | Kaija Saariaho, composer | Ken-David Masur, Conductor | László Fenyő, Cellist | Luna Zegers, Singer, composer, lyricist, author | Marin Alsop, Conductor | Marios Papadopoulos, Conductor/Pianist | Max Richter, Composer | Mike Garson, Pianos composer teacher | Nicolas Altstaedt, Cellist | Nicolas Testé, Opera Singer | Olli Mustonen, Pianist, composer and Artistic Director of Turku Philarmonic | Patricia Kopatchinskaja, Musician | Patti Smith, Writer, Performer, Musician | Quatuor Ebene, String quartet | Rebecca Foon, Cellist and Co-Founder of Pathway to Paris | Ricky Kej, Music Composer | Robert Levin, Concert pianist, musicologist | Sabine Meyer, Musician | Sir John Eliot Gardiner, Conductor | Stefan Winter, Sound Artist, Music Producer | Steven Isserlis, Cellist | Tan Dun, Composer/Conductor | The King’s Singers, Vocal Ensemble | Thierry Fischer, Conductor | Trevor Pinnock, Conductor and Harpsichordist | Valery Gergiev, Conductor, Artistic and General Director, Mariinsky Theatre, St. Petersburg | Vladimir Jurowski, Conductor |

Launch Endorsers

Ashok Sridharan, Mayor of Bonn/President ICLEI Local Governments for Sustainability | Beethoven-Haus Bonn, Music Museum at Beethoven’s Bithplace | Bianca Jagger, Founder and President of the Bianca Jagger Human Rights Foundation | Enrique Avogadro, Minister for Culture, AutoCity of Buenos Aires and Co-Chair of UCLG Culture Committee | European Music Council, umbrella organisation for musical life in Europe | Gwendolenn Sharp, Founder & coordinator of The Green Room | José Alfonso Suárez del Real, Minister for Culture, Mexico City and Co-Chair of UCLG Culture Committee | Malte Christopher Boecker, Music and Non Profit Manager | Minna Arve, Mayor of Turku | Patricia Espinosa, Executive Secretary of UN Climate Change | Rafael Greca, Mayor of Curitiba | Talieh Woegerbauer, Senior Policy Advisor, Director for external relations IMK, Ambassador for Action for Climate Empowerment UNFCCC | Talieh Wögerbauer, Global Ambassador for UNFCCC Action for Empowerment (ACE) | Tunc Soyer, Mayor of Izmir |

Stand with Arts and Nature:

If you're an artist or creative sign the Declaration, and encourage others to do so!



Ashok Sridharan

Mayor of Bonn/President ICLEI Local Governments for Sustainability

Let us be inspired!

Through the Beethoven Pastoral Project, Bonn, the UNFCCC, the Earth Day Network and ICLEI - Local Governments for Sustainability brought together art and music, climate land and nature. On Pastoral Day - 5 June 2020 - I am excited to see musicians and artists issuing a powerful call to stand with nature and humanity! Along with my endorsement as President of ICLEI - Local Governments for Sustainability goes my trust in the power of creativity, music and art to mobilize change. We look to Beethoven and to the passion and inspiration of his pastoral, sixth symphony, during this time of uncertainty. Let us be inspired by the continuity of Beethoven’s art, and know that we will be able to emerge to shape a different, a better kind of future with nature.

"We are signing this petition because we want to set a good example as freelance musicians. Climate protection is very important to us and we call for a more sustainable future in all aspects of life. We are willing to make climate protection commitments, such as to use more public transport offers, to cover shorter distances by bike and to avoid traveling by plane whenever possible. In our everyday life we pay increasing attention to a sustainable lifestyle. On our tours we are almost entirely traveling by train. We would like to expressly encourage practical support (also financial) and incentives for more climate-friendly behavior and methods."

Vision String Quartett

"Last year I cut my airmiles in half and paid for the carbon offsetting for the necessary flights. At the start of this year I pledged publicly to limit the number of flights I would take in 2020 to ten, and I invited all arts organisations with which I was working to support me in this endeavour. With clear intentions and more open dialogue, I believe that it is possible to change our habits and contribute positively, as individuals and communities, to building a more sustainable and more responsible future."

Julie Fraser

"This planet and it’s nature allow us humans to live. How can we be so egoistic and ignorant and not protect them and care for them? Already  suffering from the consequences  we will go down with the results of our endlessly spoilt way of thinking and living...  we need to  dramatically change, each one of us on a personal level and of course throughout the entire planet on a bigger scale. Let us all find the willpower and energy to find a sustainable way to save the beauty of this country or what is left of it!"

Isabelle Faust

A musician standing in front of a beautiful lake

Sign the Artists Declaration

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Artists Signatures

Alasdair Beatson, Pianist | Alexej Gerassimez, Percussionist | Alexey Botvinov, Pianist, President of Odessa Classics music festival | Alison Tickell, Cellist and Director of Julie´s Bicycle | Allison Cook, Opera singer | Amadeus Wiesensee, Musician | amarcord (Vocalensemble), Vocalensemble | Amat Santacana Gómez, Musician | Amo Tarzi, Artist | Amy Norrington, Cellist/Musician | Andreas Haefliger, Pianist | Andrés David Vera, Cellist | Andrew Munn, Opera singer and environmental activist | Angela Firkins, Flutist, Professor at the Musikhochschule Lübeck | Anna Göbel, Violinist | Annemarie Stollenwerk, Nature Educator/Landart | Annet Verboom, Violinist | Annette von Hehn, Violinist ATOS Trio | Antoine Muller, Luthier | Antonello Manacorda, Conductor | Antony Hermus, Conductor | Antti Tikkanen, Musician | Anupam Shakshi, Student | Atte Kilpeläinen, Musician | Audrey Morse, Violinist and music therapist | Barbora Schejbalová, Artistic project manager | Beate Dix, Flutiste | Bee Sutton, Painter | Beethoven Academy Orchestra, Orchestra | Boris Giltburg, Pianist | Caio Pagano, Concert Pianist | Carol Tsai, Musician | Caroline Kuyper, Textile Artist | Caroline Murat, Musician | Carsten Nicolai, Artist & Musician | Catharina Kroeger, Soprano | Charlemagne Gbofou, Assistant de Direction Artiste | Charlemagne Gbofou, Artiste Chanteur | Charles Kaye – World Orchestra For Peace, Director and Co-founder | Chaz Fliy, Creative Connector | Christian Binde, Musician | Christian G. Nagel, Pianist, Composer | Christian Jahl, Musician, Composer, Writer | Christiane Goepel, Life for music and nature | Christiane Böhnke-Geisse, Concert Promoter in New Music | Christiane Pritz, Violinist | Christine Meyer, Musician (Cello) | Christoph Berner, Pianist | Christoph Poppen, Conductor | Christoph Schiller, Musician | Cigdem Aslan, Singer | Cindy Camchong, Violinist | Clara Stadler-Wolffersgrün, Musician and Photographer | Clemens Wiencke, Pianist | Dan White, Musician, Producer & Festival Director | Daniel Klein, Jazz musician and environmental lawyer | Daniela Helm, Musican | Danielle Hoefler, Visual Artist | David de Winter, Classical Musician | David Edward Summerton, Music Teacher | Diane Kolin, Musicologist, singer | Dieter Mack, Composer | Ekkehard Jung, Artist Manager | Elsa Dreisig, Lyrical singer | Emma Tring, Musician | Eulalia Subira, Cellist | Fabiano Kueva, Artist and Curator | Fabio Biondi, Violinist and Conductor | Farida Nyamachumbe Mhando, Film Producer and Trainer | Ferhan & Ferzan Önder, Duo Pianists | Florian Kirchesch, Teachers4Future | Francesca Fung, arts management | Francesca Fung, arts management | Fumio Yasuda, Composer | Gareth Davis, Musician | Geoffrey Paterson, Conductor | Gesine Dreyer, Harpist | Guy Massaux, Director – Visual Artist | Hans-Michael Rummler, Composer, Social Scientist | Helen Matthews, Oboist | Helmuth August Ott, Church Musician | Henri Demarquette, Cellist | Herbert Golder, Professor, Writer, Filmmaker | Herman Rieken, Musician Concertgebouworkest | Hille Perl, Musician | Hyung-ki Joo, Musician | Idowu Esuku, Climate Music Maker | Ina Irrgang, Illustrator and Drummer | Ines, Composition student, translator | Irene Liebau, Cellist | Irmtraud Kaiser, Violinist | Isabel Schaarschmidt, Singer | Jaap Kruithof, Cellist | Jacqueline Beam, Sustainability Specialist/Artist | James Weeks, Composer and conductor | Jan Künster, Painter | Jan Moritz Onken, Conductor | Jean Rondeau, Musician | Jens Elvekjær, Pianist | Jens Thoben, Clarinetist, Professor at University of Music Lübeck | Jesse Smith, Musician | Jessica Aszodi, Singer | Jim Black, Musician | Joanna Wallfisch, Musician | Jodi Schaff, Sustainable Fashion Designer | Joe Bini, Film editor | Johannes Nauber, Cellist | Jonathan Aner, Pianist | Jorge Chamine, Musician | Joshua Weilerstein, Musician | Karen Wainer, Architect | Kevin John Edusei, Conductor | Kiranjeet Kaur, Artist and Graphic Designer | Konstanze Eickhorst, Pianistin, Professorin Musikhochschule Lübeck | Krzysztof Chorzelski, Musician | Laura Escanilla, Violist | Laura Sevilla, Visual artist | Laurent Albrecht Breuninger, Violinist and Composer | Le Concert Olympique, Beethoven orchestra | Lea Brückner, Violinist | Leila Schayegh, Violinist | Lera Auerbach, Artist | Lia Laimbock, Artist | Lila Bobrowicz, Architect | Linda Reinisch, Artist/Musician | Lisa Cloete, Artists/ writer | Lise de la Salle, Pianist | Livia Sellin, Violinist, TRIO ALBA | Lizleen Malihan, Botanical Artist | Ljubisa Jovanovic, University professor of flute | louise llipatti-mesme, pianist | Love Persson, Musician | Luc Berge, Hornteachter Conservatory off Brussels | Lucy Neal, Artist | Luisa Imorde, Pianist | Luise Enzian, Musician | Luise Kinseher, Kabarettistin Autorin Schauspielerin | Manfred Aust, Pianist, Professor | Mari Adachi, Viola Player | Maria Foskolaki, Artist | Maria Foskolaki, Visual arts | Marilyn McCulloch, Performing Musician and music teacher | Marilyn Petrie, Piano teacher | Mario Friedrich Eckmüller, M.A., Musician/Music-Teacher | Mario Ivelja, Musician | Marion gross, Fashion designer | Marno Schulze, Musician | Martin Mhando, University Professor | Martin Wandel, Violist | Mary Gormah, Piano teacher | Matthias Lingenfelder, Auryn Quartet, Violinist | Meehae Ryo, Cellist and Artistic Director of IMK | Mercedes Ruiz, Musician | Michael Alexander Willens, Conductor | Michael Curtis, Classical Guitarist | Michael Geffert, Astronomer, Musician, Artist | Michel Boulanger, Cellist | Michel van der Aa, Composer, director | Mila Langbehn, Land-Art-Artist | Minna Pensola, Violinist | Mostafa Ahmadi, Art director, Musician, Composer | Mustafa Bayik, Opera artist and Director of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Ahmed Adnan Saygun Arts Center (AASSM) | Myrna Meeroff, Musician | Nadine Sieben, Singer | Natalya Vagner, musician teacher composer | Nicolas Berndt, Organist at St. Wenzel’s Church Naumburg | Nikolai Galen, Cultural Worker, Artist | Noah Quartett Alexandra Psareva, Michael Stützinger, Erik Wenbo Xu, Bettina Barbara Bertch, Stringquartett | Pablo Lago, Musician, French Horn Player | Pablo Lago Soto, Musician, French Horn Player | Patrick Duval, Directeur Rocher de Palmer Bordeaux, France | Patrizia Montanaro, Pianista and composer | Paul Lewis, Musician | Peter Martin Lackner, Musician, Music Teacher | Philipp Tepper, Violinist | Pia Carazo, Artist and human rights lawyer | Pierluigi Tabachin, Flute Teacher | Pieter Jan Belder, Musician | Prof. Peter Kiefer, Sound Artist, Head of Research project ARS | Rachele Wildmare, Musician | Rai Bikandi Zelaieta, Creative Designer | Randeep Sohal, Artist | Raphael Wallfisch, Musician | Reiner Wehle, Musician | Robin Merrill, Singer/TV Presenter | Roel Dieltiens, Cellist | Roeland Kotsch, Painter | Sam McLellan, Music Student | Sara Alba Page Quicios, Cellist | Scott Tan, Artist | Semih Yılan, Music, Musicology, Oud. | Shani Diluka, Pianist | Sibylle Mahni, Professor for Horn | Sijin Chen, Pianist, Researcher | Sijin Chen, Pianist, Researcher | Simon Halsey, Conductor | Sofia Villarreal Carrillo, Architect | Sophie Kuijken, Painter | Stefan Geissbühler, Visual Artist | Stefan Klein, Jazz Drummer and Entrepreneur | Susanne Kessel, Concert Pianist, Manager of Music Projects, Piano Teacher | Suzanne Hermary, Arts administrator | Svea Kröner, TV Producer and jeweler (silver- and goldsmith) | Swaantje Kaiser, Music Student | Tariq Harb, Professor of Guitar (Concordia University), recording artist and concertist | teodoro anzellotti, Musician | The Classical Singers, Vocal ensemble group | The Silk Road Symphony Orchestra, Orchestra | Thierry Malandain, Chorégraphe | Thierry Pécou, Composer | Thomas Berger, Sculptor, Landscape Designer, Nurseryman | Thomas Duis, Pianist | Thomas Duis, Pianist | Thomas Oepen, Violist | Thomas Riedelsheimer, Filmmaker | Tobias Melle, Cellist and Visual Artist | Tobias Schabenberger, Pianist | Toby Purser, Conductor | Tomas Djupsjöbacka, Cellist | Troels Svane, Professor, Cellist | Turgay Erdener, Composer | Ulrich Bergfelder, Production Designer | Ulrich Kodjo Wendt, musician composer | Ulrike Payer, Pianist | Valentina Leonte, Radio Producer, violin player | Vanackere Aude, Musician | Vera Beths, Violinist | Veronica Wehling, Violinist | Viola de Hoog, Cellist | Vision String Quartet, Freelance musicians | Werner Hammerstingl, Artist | William Kinderman, Music professor, author, pianist | William Kinderman, | Yaldash Hameedi, Singer | Yoon-Jee Kim, Conductor, Pianist, Teacher | Zhang Zhang, Violinist, Social Entrepreneur |

Endorsers Signatures

Alvaro Jiménez, Entrepreneur | Andreas Lösche, Agent, Publisher, Musical Director | Andrew Potts, Coordinator of Climate Heritage Network Secretariat | Annelie Renker, Teacher | Birgit Lamerz-Beckschäfer, Translator | Catarina Vaz-Pinto, Deputy Mayor for Culture, Lisbon and Co-Chair of UCLG Culture Committee | Cathy Driscoll, Professor | Cathy Oke, Environment Councillor of Melbourne and ICLEI First Vice President | Corinna Volkmann, Media Consultant and Film Production Manager | Corridors of Peace, Musicalist | Danielle Masek, Artist | David Gallagher, Radio Producer | David Nice, Musicologist | Deborah Bowman, Visual Artist, University of Bordeaux Montaigne | Desamangalam Ramakrishnan, Adjunct Professor Malayalam Lit: Kerala University | Donatella Privitera, Professor of Geography | Doris Pegler, Therapist | Dorothea Eitel, Choreographer, Performer, Author | Eckhard Bremer, Retiree | Ekaterina Bozdogan, EFL Teacher | Eleousa Tsouni, Interior Architect | Ensemble Variances, Executive Manager | Evelyn von Braunmühl, Interpreter (Spanish/French) | Ewald Schlimbach, Teacher | Ewan Hyslop, Co-Chair of Climate Heritage Network | Farhana Yamin, Climate lawyer and justice activist | Fay Milton, Musician & Co-Founder Music Declares Emergency | Felicitas Irene Birckenbach, Cultural Studies and Communication | Friedrich Grubenbecher, Retiree | Gwendolen Webster, President, Aachen Contemporary Music Society | Hans-Joachim Wagner, Head of the Bid Office / ECoC Nuremberg | Henning Mohr, Director, Institut für Kulturpolitik der Kulturpolitischen Gesellschaft e.V. | Inken Formann, Gartenkonservatorin | Jatinder Singh Kamyotra, Environmentalist | Jeremy Brimhall, Education Director | Jerry S Langley, Administrator/ Pastor | Jessica Matthews, Translator | Joachim von Braunmuehl, UN Staff Retired | Joan van Noordenne, Retired | Joana M. Torres Ramos, Librarian | Jordi Pascual, Coordinator of UCLG Culture Committee | Joseph Peschon, Animateur Culturel | Julianne Polanco, Co-Chair of Climate Heritage Network | Jyothi Menon, Copywriter | Kirsten Jüngling, Publicist, Beethoven-Biographer | Klaus Kaufmann, Sculptor | Kobie Brand, Coordinator of CitiesWithNature | Kocer Karatepe, Climate Activism Supporter | Leander Hotaki, Concert Presenter (Freiburg, Nürnberg, Mannheim, Essen) | Manon Richard, EU Projects Officer | Manraj Othi, Arts Curator & Management Consultant | Mariangeles Gutiérrez, Agronomist, Nature lover, Theologist | Mark Meeks, Minister | Michael Bobrowski, pensioner (engineer) | Michael Soro, Consultant | Moritz Seibert, Theatre director | Niklas Rudolph, Journalist | Paulo Maurício de Aguiar Botelho, Professor Maestro | Ralf Weiss, Co-Founder Network Culture and Agenda 2030 | Richard Parncutt, Researcher | Roger Dixon Baker, Teologo-Biblista | Rohan Leppert, Arts, Culture and Heritage Councillor of Melbourne | Rolf Clasen, pensioner and grandfather | Rolf Däther, Retired Offficer | Sean O’ Farrell, Organic farmer | Selina, Culture and Sustainability Manager | Sigrid Klein, Teacher | Sneška Quaedvlieg-Mihailović, Secretary General of EUROPA NOSTRA, The European Voice of Civil Society committed to Cultural Heritage | Stefan Weidle, Endorser | Suzanne Hermary, Arts Administrator | Vicente Lopes, University Professor | Yunus Arikan, Focal Point of Local Governments and Municipal Authorities (LGMA) Constituency to the UNFCCC |

Stand with Arts and Nature:

If you're an artist or creative sign the Declaration, and encourage others to do so!

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