Beethoven loved Nature – we love it, too!

That's why we are making sure that the Beethoven Pastoral Project is climate neutral in the spirit of the Paris Climate Change Agreement.

We strongly support action to implement the Paris Agreement

We are also proud to make our contribution to achieving a global climate neutral society through participation in the Climate Neutral Now initiative of the Project’s founding partner: Guided by UN Climate Change, a three-point strategy is being followed to meet the objective of climate neutrality for the Project, including its Livestream event on 5 June:


emissions wherever possible through choices and decisions in the design and implementation of the Pastoral Project.


greenhouse gas emissions arising from the Project from its initiation in November 2017 until its conclusion following Pastoral Day, using most conservative assumptions.


emissions not avoided through the purchase of carbon credits certified under the UN’s Clean Development Mechanism.

We suport these initiatives

We purchase certified carbon credits from three projects. In addition to reducing or avoiding emissions, the selected projects have other sustainable development co-benefits.


Improved Cook Stove Project


This cook stove project is run by RIPPLE Africa (a UK charity) and benefits approximately 200,000 people in Malawi. RIPPLE has so far replaced about 40,000 traditional three-stone cooking fires with fuel efficient cook stoves. This project is reducing greenhouse gases emissions as well as preventing deforestation and respiratory diseases.


San Antonio El Sitio Wind Power Project


San Antonio El Sitio Wind Power Project is the first wind project located in the Guatemalan region. This project was executed by a Guatemalan firm, Eólico San Antonio El Sitio, and deploys sixteen 3.45 MW units of wind Turbine Generators for an annual average of 135.655 GWh of green electricity to the regional grid, meeting the demand of over 20,000 homes.


Gangwon Wind Park Project


Wind turbines generate electricity using the power of the wind, reducing the amount of fossil fuels that we need to use to generate our power, and therefore reducing the amount of greenhouse gases that we release to our atmosphere. Project benefits: preserving natural resources and helping spread green technology worldwide.

Proud to be a Climate Neutral Now participant

A musician standing in front of a beautiful lake

We strive for Zero Emissions

We recognise that the ultimate goal of living in harmony with Nature will mean a net zero emissions (climate neutral) world.

Until that point is reached, it is important to do want is possible now to help reduce our carbon footprint and support others in reducing theirs.

In this spirit, the Pastoral Project invites musicians, artists and cultural organizations who have not done so already to follow a similar approach of




Check out further information on how this is can be done and is being done below.