How to participate

Here's how to participate:


1. Engage!

Engage yourself artistically with Beethoven's 6th "Pastoral" Symphony - there's no limit to your ideas!

2. Register!

Register on our website and share your project with our global network.

3. Perform!

Present your project on Earth Day 2020 (April 22), on World Environment Day 2020 (June 5) - or at any date that seems convenient for you and your project!

Ready to join us?

Show us what you do to preserve nature!

Your project can look like this:

Whether you are an independent visual artists, a performance collective or a full-blown orchestra - be part of the Pastoral Project!

  • Create an education project on the Pastoral and climate change and reach out for new audiences
  • Cooperate with a local NGO that helps to protect the environment
  • Organize a big event day where your “Pastoral” will be the main act
  • Record the event or do a slide show from your photos

Want more inspiration? Get in touch and we help you to make the most out of your project!

Here's what's in for you:

Show the relevance of your work and give your musicians and employees an opportunity to raise their voices


Build a 'green audience'

Reach out for new audiences that have a strong connection with nature and environmental preservation

Attract new partners

Build sponsoring partnerships with green economy

Expand your network

Strengthen your connections to local and regional decision-makers

Reach out

Get the attention you deserve through your project and our media partners.