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Kölner Streichsextett



Goldnesselweg 8, 50999 Köln, Deutschland




The Kölner Streichsextett supports the „International Pernambuco Conversation Initiative – I.P.C.I“. http://www.ipci-comurnat.org
donations account „ I.P.C.I. – Deutschland e.V.“ , Raiffeisen-Volksbank Erlangen, IBAN : DE83 7636 0033 0000 8140 59 BIC : GENODEF1ER1

Pernambuco wood, which is used in the manufacture of bows for string instruments, comes primarily from the plateaus of mountainnous areas near the sea on east coast of South America. Some recent estimates indicate that the natural growth area of Pernambuco trees in Brazil is only between 8-10% of what it was in pre-Columbian times. The reduction can mostify be explained by the development of the land for farming and as residential or industrial districts.
Bowmakers, violin makers and musicians from all over the world are striving and expansion of the forest through the I.P.C.I., which enjoys full support from most international environmental organisations, who have used this strategy successfully in other initiatives.
Das Kölner Sreichsextett supports the cultivation and conversation of this valuable raw material.