Athens Youth Symphony Orchestra – ASON



Valtetsiou 4, Athina 106 80, Griechenland



Ancient Athens, the place of birth of democracy and philosophy, considered Nature and Man on the basis of Measure and Harmony.
Unique masterpiece in this ancient Greek View of Things is Parthenon, bathed in the Nature of Attic light and landscape, an unparalleled symbol of absolute unity of measure and harmony with itself and with the nature around it.
The Pastoral Symphony, in charming proportions, also motivates Nature as well as the request of Unity of Measure and Harmony. Two coronet works of our culture indicate the ideal identification of Nature around us and Nature within us and their unity with Measure and Harmony.

For the third decade, the Athens Youth Symphony Orchestra – ASON, trains the young and new musicians of Greece and introduces them to the preparation and interpretation of the Great Symphonic Repertory. A great number of musicians among the members of professional Greek orchestras “learned the work” behind the ASON music stands.
Permanent conductor, Pavlos Sergiou, systematically seeks the presence of ASON not only in Athens but also throughout the Greek region. In its short history, ASON can be proud of the large number of early performances of works often written in not easy idioms, for over two hundred and fifty (250) concerts throughout the country, for its partnership with some of the most prominent Greek soloists, for providing systematic “forum” to young Greek and foreign conductors and soloists, for her pedagogic work with concerts (of both: the whole orchestra and various chamber music groups) in schools.

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Athens Youth Symphony Orchestra – ASON