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Festival Ljubljana



Ljubljana, Slovenija




The Festival Ljubljana is regarded as one of Europe’s most important cultural and art institutions. It stands out from other, similar institutions principally due to its long tradition and its integral role in international cultural and arts circles. This stems from its program orientation, which focuses on hosting acclaimed international performers, and also from its active role in international institutions such as ISPA (International Society for the Performing Arts) and EFA (European Festivals Association). Festival Ljubljana has been a member of EFA since 1977.


The Festival Ljubljana also organizes Slovenian Music Days (SGD), which were established 35 years ago. The festival program committee is composed of representatives from the most prominent Slovenian cultural institutions. SGD encourage original Slovenian musical creativity, spread knowledge of Slovenia’s musical heritage, and direct particular attention towards the performance of new works, debut performances and education about music for various levels and age groups. SGD are distinguished by their diversity of genres, which despite the name include dance performances, exhibitions, book presentations, lectures and conversations with composers. As part of this years SGD one of the events will be the Presentation of the scholarly and critical edition of Beethoven´s Pastoral Symphony, which will be on the 18th of April 2020.