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Initiatives such as Pastoral Project facilitate the meeting and exchange of ideas among many artists concerned about the problematic environment. Something has and must happen…!

With their new piano recital Beethovens Geist (Beethoven’s Spirit), the Leipzig artistic couple MAAK & ALBERTZ take the audience on a journey full of intense and contrasting moments of lyricism and virtuosity, in which Beethoven‘s yearning and humanistic spirit will guide us.

German pianist Anna-Maria Maak comments and moderates her recitals & concert that always include new works by her artistic partner, Venezuelan composer Sef Albertz. Together MAAK & ALBERTZ create the dramaturgy of these musical journeys. Already two compositions of Albertz in the program Beethovens Geist, namely Ludwig and the allegories of the Sea and In the Secret of the World, show a clear metaphorical connection with nature. The recital also features composers such as Bach, Brahms, Penderecki or Schumann, who have loved and needed nature to create music, which nowadays touches our souls deeply and is able to stimulate our overall sensitivity to a level of humanity that includes concern for all of us and for our own environment.

Beethovens Geist leads the listener to a feeling of hope. The result is nothing less than surprising and moving until the end of the program…!