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Music is a great Investment – MIAGI



320 Pretorius St, Pretoria Central, Pretoria, 0002, Südafrika



Since soon 20 years, we at Music is a great Investment, MIAGI in South Africa invest in human capacity by offering children, teen-agers and young adults opportunities to learn and practice music through a wide range of musical projects and undertakings, such as the already internationally acclaimed MIAGI Orchestra.

Music moves us, music strengthens us emotionally, music helps us connect across all borders and not the least, music teaches us about beauty – perhaps the fundamental organizing principle for the entire universe as argued by Nobel Laureate and physicist Frank Wilczek.

Fostering generations of leaders and decision-makers with profound understanding, love and respect for the beauty of our universe and of nature is one of the ways in which we at MIAGI can help guarantee the future well-being of our Planet and its inhabitants.

Human capacity is the only way to a functioning, healthy and sustainable world.