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Carl-Zeiss-Platz 15, 07743 Jena, Deutschland



Ludwig van Beethoven, whose 250th birthday will be celebrated worldwide in 2020, was a great lover of nature. For him, nature was a place of relaxation and inspiration. With the pastoral symphony
He created music that artistically establishes the mutual connection between man and nature and takes the sound of nature as comparison.(vergleich)
On the weekend of March 7th and 8th, we choose Beethoven as the source of inspiration to trace today’s connetcion between people and nature, right up to current issues such as pollution and sustainability.
We put his music in new contexts and listen to the sounds of nature. The train project “Moving Landscapes – Concerts for passing trains shows how Beethoven’s music merges with the nature and movement of the landscapes while driving.

From garbage, which is collected at Leutraputz, among other things, young and old visitors can in turn build musical instruments and play music with them.
And if you want to experience what a concert with garbage sounds like, you are cordially invited to the opening with the “Garbage Concerto” by Jan Järvlepp.

The celebrations will be concluded with the Sunday concert, with Beethoven’s fifth piano concert with our French ARTIST IN RESIDENCE, Lise de la Salle, and – of curse – Beethoven’s “Pastorale”.