Symphoniker Hamburg

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Symphoniker Hamburg



Dammtorwall 46, 20355 Hamburg, Deutschland



»Save our planet« – maybe Beethoven would call his „Pastarol“ that way today. It is a sounding love letter to nature. In the Children’s Concert of the Symphoniker Hamburg on April 5th 2020, the environmental detectives Anna Maria and Malte Arkona are searching for things that man has thrown into nature since Beethoven’s time, without thinking about the consequences. Together, Audience, orchestra and environmental detectives think about how everyone can contribute to protecting our planet.
Only if we treat it responsibly we will be able to experience Beethoven’s symphonies for another 250 years. Beethoven’s „Pastoral“ can always remind us how unmistakably beautiful our nature is today and how much we should nurture and protect it.