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Leipzig, Deutschland,


About 200 years ago, Beethoven wrote about his “expression of feeling” in the nature. As we know, he was a nature lover and enjoyed the walk in green.  Good old time. How about now? How would Beethoven feel if he was born in this century and took walk along the Jantse, the most polluted river of the world? Would there still be nightingales and cuckoo when he walked through an artificial forest? Would the locals still dance for life and joy? Would people be thankful after the storm had been gone?

„Klimawandelsinfonie“ came from the idea of “how would Beethoven write a Pastoral-Sinfonie if he was born in this century?” Taking Beethoven’s Pastorale-Sinfonie as an example for structure, the Chinese composer, Shiqi Geng, wrote a Sinfonie of 6 movements, describing the environmental problems of our time. It begins with an Ouverture, which leads us to the 21st century. He takes the most famous theme of  Beethovens Pastoral and changes its color, symbolizing how the industrialization changed the environment. From the second to fourth movement, he described “the sad rain”, “Smog” and “water pollution”. For Shiqi Geng, “Smog” has a very special meaning. He comes from a country, in which people suffer from serious negative effects through smog.  For the fifth and the last movements, he took the idea of Beethoven. After storm is gone, there is hope.  We should all be grateful for what we have in our only home, the earth.

We are looking for an orchestra of motivated musician to perform this piece.

If you feel like to make a statement for environmental protection. We are happy to give you more information about this piece and the composer.

Here is the MiDi-File: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLc6ZbWcqwr_7ammHrMjdeRNtxIEo4Bbwx