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Blue Mountains, NSW, Australia




Hi I’m Mare!  With lush strings & electronic music production, my mission is to create an immersive experience of relaxation, creative contemplation, and expansive consciousness.   My music is inspired by rainforests, life-force and the wonder of life.  It is intended to be a portal into Nature’s tranquility and sublime depths.  My conscious values as I create are love, peace and harmony. 

I am a violinist and I also play viola, cello and a little bit of many other instruments. My mother weaned me on Beethoven’s 6th Symphony – it was part of her record collection on high rotation when I was a baby!  It is one of my favourites and I was absolutely thrilled to play it in a student orchestra when I was 15 years old. It gave me immense pleasure to do this remix and it was lots of fun to playfully incorporate the symphony’s themes and moods into my work. 

I see my creative process as a co-creative relationship:  we are the universe, and we are one.  Beethoven drew such inspiration from nature.  It’s up to us to do what we can, as artists, to inspire ourselves & others to preserve what is left of our delicate ecosystem.