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Klavier auf Eisscholle

Make Your Voice Heard!

Be part of our global movement to save the environment!

We invite artists to make a statement for environmental protection!

On the occasion of Ludwig van Beethoven's 250th birthday the Beethoven Pastoral Project reaches out to artists from all over the world!

Take a stand against climate change!

And stand up for the UN’s sustainable development goals and the Paris Agreement.

Join our global network!

Make a cultural statement by engageing yourself with Beethoven’s 'Pastoral' Symphony.

Perform your Pastoral!

On Earth Day or United Nations World Environment Day in 2020 – or any other day from today.

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"Beethoven believed in an ideal of brotherhood among the nations. This ideal has never been more relevant than now. Ecology – the humanism of the 21st century – encourages us to rethink our frontiers."


"The relationship of mankind and nature is ambivalent. The Beethoven Pastoral Project provides an ocassion to reflect on these questions."


"The Beethoven Pastoral Project addresses one of the most important issues and gives voice to one of the most urgently needed messages of our time: different people coming together with a common purpose results in amazing progress."


António Guterres,
UN Secretary-General

„The Beethoven Pastoral Project, an initiative of artists and activists, will use the power of music and an iconic global genius to mobilize leaders and public alike. I wish the project well.“


Ashok Sridharan,
Lord Mayor of the City of Bonn

„On the occasion of the 2020 Beethoven Jubilee, we, the people of Bonn, wish to draw from our valuable heritage and advocate for a harmonious relationship between man and nature.“

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Quatuor Ébène performs all Beethoven string quartets

By Richard Kinley | March 30, 2019 | 0 Comments

The Beethoven Pastoral Project is delighted to welcome “on board” Quatuor Ebene, one of the world’s leading string quartets and Ambassadors for the Beethoven 250th Jubilee.

Be part of our global movement to save the environment!

Engage yourself artistically with Beethoven's 6th 'Pastoral' Symphony - there's no limit to your ideas!

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