Oxford Philharmonic features prominent Scientist on Pastoral Day

Baron Krebs will appear at a panel discussion at Oxford Philharmonic's Oxford Beethoven Festival 2020

The Oxford Philharmonic, one of the leading orchestras in the United Kingdom, declares itself “proud to be included in the Beethoven Pastoral Project”. The orchestra, with its 80 players under the baton of Maestro Marios Papadopoulos, is well connected to its community and the world-renowned University of Oxford. It has a strong tradition of outreach and youth engagement, as well as commitment to sustainability and to Beethoven!

Climate Change will be the theme of the Oxford Beethoven Festival 2020

The Pastoral Day concert will be more than a wonderful performance.  It will be preceded by a panel discussion bringing musicians from the orchestra together with leading scientists and academics from the University of Oxford to explore the idea of music as a force in the fight against climate change.  The panel will be chaired by the prominent scientist and public administrator Professor Lord Krebs. On his involvement in the concert, Lord Krebs says,

The Oxford Philharmonic will perform Beethoven’s Sixth Symphony, and other works on environmental themes, at its Pastoral for the Planet concert on 5 June 2020, which is part of the Oxford Beethoven Festival 2020. According to Maestro Papadopoulos, they wanted to “highlight the environmental problem of climate change with the performance of this beautiful piece of music”.

“Beethoven’s Pastoral Symphony is probably the greatest and most enduring piece of music that inspires us to think of Nature. As humanity faces the climate crisis, we need inspiration of all kinds to make us aware of the beauty and fragility of the natural world. Bringing together science and art, including music, enriches our debate and will spur us on to act to save the planet for future generations. We want music lovers in the centuries ahead to be able to appreciate Beethoven’s wonderful music, but unless we act now they won’t have that pleasure.”

Professor Lord Krebs

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The Oxford Philharmonic will perform Beethoven's Sixth Symphony on Pastoral Day 2020
The Oxford Philharmonic will perform Beethoven’s Sixth Symphony on Pastoral Day 2020

Oxford Philharmonic aims at younger audiences to motivate Climate Action

The Oxford Philharmonic has long been actively engaged in environmental issues, and in connecting with younger audiences.  For example, the Pastoral Project has inspired the orchestra to play a special family concert “Mission Earth”, aimed at children 4-8 years of age.  The orchestra, and its individual members, also actively seek to reduce their environmental “footprint” by favoring train and bus transport when on tour.

The Oxford Philharmonic is convinced that “music can be used to highlight important issues in society” and is proud to “stand up for Nature”, along with so many artists and orchestras around the world, through the Beethoven Pastoral Project.

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