How a Star Pianist Makes the Remote Thai Jungle a Concert House

Pianist Paul Barton plays the piano while an elephant touches him with his trunk

Far from the world’s traditional concert halls, Paul Barton plays Beethoven on an upright piano for powerful and sometimes dangerous elephants in a jungle sanctuary in Thailand.  He describes the phenomenon of seeing these magnificent animals becalmed by expressive music and listening raptly.  Paul speaks of “connecting” with the elephants, especially through the great music of Beethoven, as infinitely wonderful and otherworldly.

Experience the connection for yourself in this video :

Paul is a professional pianist, music educator, arranger, YouTube star, artist and activist for nature conservation.  Originally from the UK, he now lives in Thailand with his family.  He views music as a universal language that, much like Nature, speaks to our emotions.

“Chance to connect musicians to preserve Nature and address climate change.”  

The Beethoven Pastoral Project was thrilled when Paul became one of our early supporters.  He found the Project “inspiring”, especially the idea of “a global coming together of artists and musicians” in and opportunity for personal stylistic expression.  “As I connect to elephants through the piano,” says Paul, “the Pastoral Project is a chance to connect musicians around the world to preserve Nature and address climate change.”  He wants to see the Pastoral Project inspire music listeners to awaken feelings for Nature and encourage action to stop humanity’s destructive ways.  And to do so urgently.

Paul is an activist for Nature and habitat protection who believes that musicians and artists can be outspoken through their creativity, and thereby inspire the creativity in society that is needed to confront today’s pressing global challenges.

Paul describes the Pastoral Symphony as a powerful masterpiece of expression, one that inspires us to find the strength to act collectively for the sake of our planet.  His current project is to video record a performance of the Pastoral Symphony on an upright piano while floating down the River Kwai on a bamboo raft.  Watch for the video soon!

Join Paul Barton and more than hundred artists from six continents in making a strong statement for environmental protection! Join the Beethoven Pastoral Project!

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